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Can I bring my dog to the Living Nativity Scene in Castell d'Aro? This is one of the questions we receive year after year, and we are delighted to answer once again: Yes, you can bring your faithful furry friend to the nativity scene! However, there are some important guidelines to bear in mind to ensure that everyone enjoys this Christmas experience in a safe and enjoyable way.

Regulations for the entry of dogs into the Castell d'Aro Living Nativity Scene

1. Muzzle: To ensure the safety of all those attending, it is compulsory for your dog to wear a muzzle at all times while inside the site of the Living Nativity Scene.

2. Leashed: Dogs must be kept on a sturdy leash of appropriate length at all times. This ensures that they can walk alongside you in a controlled manner and avoids uncomfortable or dangerous situations.

3. Animal Regulations: Although we allow dogs, it is important that your pet complies with all current animal health and safety regulations. Make sure your dog is up to date with its vaccinations and deworming.

4. Owner's responsibility: As the owner, you are responsible for your dog's actions and behaviour at all times. Make sure that your dog behaves in a friendly manner and does not cause any disturbance to other visitors or the actors taking part in the Living Nativity Scene.

Benefits of bringing your dog to the Living Nativity Scene in Castell d'Aro:

1. Complete family experience: We know that for many people, pets are a fundamental part of the family. Bringing your dog to the Living Nativity Scene allows you to enjoy this Christmas tradition with all your loved ones, including your faithful four-legged companion.

2. Christmas walk: Strolling through the Living Nativity with your dog is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and get into the Christmas spirit while watching the biblical scenes and festive decorations.

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